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Our Service

Our institute has a network of trainers in the Randstad region, who teach many passionately each day. In addition to the expertise and accuracy of our trainers, we are as focussed on the results as you are.

Regardless whether you contact us privately or via your company; for everyone we do what we can to offer linguistic assistance on a high level.

With the mentality “When we don’t have the time, we’ll make it.” and “When we don’t have the answer, we’ll find it.” we always walk the extra mile for our clients.

Quality, Effectiveness and Integrity


Only when you are happy, we'll be too.

Our Pricing

In addition to our high-quality service, we also offer the lowest price guarantee for professional language training in our region.

It is our opinion that the price you pay should be for the educational service itself. Therefore we created a model in which pricing is pure and honest and excludes other hidden costs like workspace, a telephone operator or staff to do the administration or marketing.

Also the fact that our clients receive their training online or on-site at their (office) location, contributes to our competitive pricing.

We are excited to have created a positive change in the market and we feel pride in being able to keep on making this difference each day again!

Be part of our journey, enroll today!