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Lowest Price Guarantee for Business Language Courses in The Netherlands

Course Dutch

At the core of every society lies language. Learning Dutch well opens up a world of possibilities and provides insight into the ways of thinking and values of our society. Discover how learning Dutch can contribute to personal and professional growth!

Course English

English, a language that unites the world, is known as the lingua franca of our time.
The art of speaking this language fluently is not only a skill, but also a key to limitless possibilities and creating sustainable…

Course German

Imagine being able to communicate effortlessly with more than 100 million native speakers within the European Union. With German as your second language, a world of possibilities opens up. Not only do you have access to a huge network of…

Course Spanish

Step into the enchanting world of Spanish, a Romance pearl with no fewer than 450 million native speakers worldwide! As the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish takes you on a wonderful journey through Spain and across the…

Course Italian

Charming and versatile, Italian is not just a language, it’s a passion! With no fewer than 68 million speakers worldwide, it opens doors to a rich culture and a vibrant community. From the beautiful streets of Rome to the breathtaking…

Language Courses for Companies

IncompanyLanguages provides business language training in the Netherlands and beyond. Courses can be booked online or incompany at office locations. IncompanyLanguages has an extensive network of trainers in the Netherlands and abroad and offers a wide range of linguistic support.

Taalcursussen Den Haag

At IncompanyLanguages you learn Quickly and Efficiently with a Private Tutor On-site or Online

Wide Range of Language Courses for Companies and Individuals

IncompanyLanguages offers a wide range of language courses. Is your target language not listed? Please contact us and we are happy to send you information about the possibilities.

Educational institution IncompanyLanguages is registered with Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs and complies with the quality code for educational institutions for short vocational education. CRKBO is executed by CPION.

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