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Your language Courses, On-site Or Online

Courses booked at IncompanyLanguages are delivered by one of our enthousiastic representatives on-site at your office, or you can choose to attend your language course online. This way you don't have to travel and you save a lot of time.

Language courses for Companies

Do you need a professional company for language training for your employees? You have found to the right site. IncompanyLanguages business language courses can be booked online or incompany at your location. Various learning paths are available to help raising the language skills of your employees to a higher level.

Language Training at IncompanyLanguages

IncompanyLanguages provides business language courses in the Netherlands and abroad. Training sessions take place at your office location or online. Courses are given by certified language trainers. Bookings at IncompanyLanguages come with the lowest price guarantee.
Taalcursussen Den Haag

Discover the Power of Language with Our Interactive Language Lessons

Do you want to learn a new language quickly and effectively? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, our interactive language lessons have a lot to offer for every level. From Rotterdam to Amsterdam, from The Hague to Utrecht, our digital learning resources and e-learning platforms make learning accessible wherever you are.

For Beginners to Advanced

Start your language journey with our basic lessons for beginners or deepen your knowledge with intermediate and advanced courses. Each level is tailored to your learning needs, so you can always progress at your own pace.

Special Programs for Adults

Our courses for adults focus on practical skills such as conversation lessons, presenting and business language skills. Ideal for professionals and business travelers who want to strengthen their communication for success in the workplace or during business trips.

Interactive and Digital Learning Resources

Enjoy learning new languages with the interactive digital learning resources we provide, which take e-learning to a higher level. Improve your pronunciation and improve your listening skills with realistic simulations and practical exercises available online.

Learn Fast, Wherever You Are

Whether you live in Rotterdam, work in Amsterdam or travel between The Hague and Utrecht, with our flexible teachers and access to the online learning platforms you have the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime. Perfect for busy professionals and travelers who want to quickly improve their language skills in the most convenient way.

Find the Perfect Training Schedule That Fits Your Busy Life

At IncompanyLanguages we understand that finding time for training and development can be a challenge, especially when you have to combine this with your work. That is why we offer flexible and effective training schedules that not only fit into your agenda, but also perfectly match your professional needs.
Taalcursus Engels

At IncompanyLanguages you learn Quickly and Efficiently with a Private Tutor On-site or Online

Choose Your Ideal Lesson Duration

We offer a variety of lesson durations that you can choose based on your specific preferences and goals. Our classes range from compact 1-hour sessions, ideal for a quick online learning boost, to more extensive sessions of 1.5 hours (online) or 2, 2.5 or even 3 hours. These longer sessions are perfect for in-depth explorations of complex topics or for intensive training that requires more time.

Flexibility with Online and Offline Options

Whether you prefer the flexibility of online learning or the personal touch of face-to-face sessions, we have the solution. Our online classes can be easily integrated into your daily routine, while our offline sessions are a great way to experience direct interaction with teachers and fellow students.

Draw up a Schedule Together with Your Teacher

Each student works with a dedicated teacher to develop a training plan that not only fits well into the agenda, but also optimally fits in with existing work. This personal approach ensures that your training experience is both relevant and impactful, with practical applications that contribute directly to your professional life.

Flexible Learning Paths at Different Levels

We offer a wide range of learning paths for each language, including:

• Language course A1 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course A2 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course B1 part 1 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course B1 part 2 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course B2 part 1 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course B2 part 2 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course C1 part 1 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Language course C1 part 2 – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study including e-learning

• Business communication, verbal – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study

• Business communication, written – 30 training hours and 30 hours of self-study

Discover Individual and Group Training Options

You can choose the personal approach of individual sessions or experience the stimulating dynamics of group lessons. Group lessons are particularly effective when colleagues share a common language goal and want to improve their communication skills together.

We recommend limiting group sizes to a maximum of eight to ten participants. This approach ensures that we can give personal attention to each participant and guarantee sufficient interaction and space for questions within the group.

Choose a learning experience that is not only educational, but also conducive to team building and professional development.

Varied Course Material

When you choose to have your language training through IncompanyLanguages, you can share your wishes in regard to the course material you would like to work with in your training during the intake.

Your course, your objectives, your wishes

In regular language courses we work with the levels of the European Framework of Reference.

In case you book a speaking or writing course, the teacher will make use of course material that has been specifically developed for enhancing that language competence.

You can also opt for business communication training, in which you will work on expanding knowledge of specific terminology in your industry and improve language skills during work conversations and e-mail exchanges as they happen within your work area.

Many of the language books we work with come from the following publishers:

Boom NT2


Why Choose IncompanyLanguages

At IncompanyLanguages, your success comes first. We understand how important it is to find a balance between work, life and learning. Our effective training plans are designed to help you grow and excel without disrupting your daily commitments. Choose the flexibility and quality of our training and take the step towards professional development today.

Get Started!

Register for our language classes today and start improving your language skills in your chosen target language. Whether you want to excel in a business environment, improve your pronunciation, or simply study for personal enrichment, our courses are designed to help you achieve success.

IncompanyLanguages – Language courses for Professionals

Private language coach

Do you wish to have your own private language coach, that assists you in optimizing your texts, keeps you linguistically sharp and helps you finding all the right words and phrases in the right situations?

We have a large network of trainers and we will get to work for you to link you to the coach that fits your wishes and language goals best.

IncompanyLanguages trainers

IncompanyLanguages trainers are native speakers in the language they teach or they master the language as their mother tongue. In addition many of our trainers speak several languages from which they can explain and teach their language. Please contact us for more information and to learn about the various training options that suit you and your employees best.

Free quotation

Please feel free to request a free quotation for the language and training of your choice any time.

Please send us your wishes as detailed as possible, so we can send you a personalised quotation in which you can see the exact price for the training of your choice.