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Article 1 - Agreement

The agreement comes into effect by means of your acceptance of our offer. After signing the quotation, the agreement comes into effect and the sessions with the course participant(s) can be scheduled. When you book a course with us privately, you have a reflection period of 14 days, from the day you applied for your course.

Article 2 - Cancellation

Free of charge cancellation of a training session is possible up until 48 hours prior to the commencement of the session. In case of illness of a course participant, he/she can postpone an individual session once per course under the condition that IncompanyLanguages is informed about this on the day before the session, before 5:00 PM. In all other cases the session will be charged. It is not possible to repeatedly postpone sessions to future dates due to already booked courses on future dates. In case (a part of) the course needs to be postponed, IncompanyLanguages will do its best to grant this wish if possible. However, no amendments will be made in the schedule of already booked courses on future dates.

Article 3 - Payment

Payment will take place by means of transfer of the amount owed to the bank account stated by IncompanyLanguages before the final due date as stated on the invoice. The payment for the educational service will take place prior to the time when the course starts. In case the course has already started, IncompanyLanguages trusts you will pay the invoice forthwith. In case the payment is not made before the final due date as stated on the invoice, IncompanyLanguages stops delivering its educational service until the invoice amount has been transferred to the bank account stated by IncompanyLanguages.
In case of a refund, you will receive a credit note per e-mail. The refund shall take place within three working days of the date as stated on the credit note.

Article 4 - Questions and complaints

In case you have a question, IncompanyLanguages has the intention to answer the question as soon as possible and to your full satisfaction. In case you have a complaint, IncompanyLanguages has the intention to process your complaint with great urgency and to find a solution as soon as possible that suits all involved parties. IncompanyLanguages can be reached by telephone and by e-mail for dealing with questions of an administrative nature, or regarding the contents of the course. Should in a rare case a dispute arise, it will at all times be the intention of IncompanyLanguages to find the best possible solution that suits everyone involved. Should you however wish to appeal against the offered solution, you can turn to law agency AN-i in Zeist where IncompanyLanguages is registered. AN-i provides legal assistance and advice. They can assist you and issue a binding decision.

Article 5 - Code of conduct

IncompanyLanguages expects that everyone participates in the course in a positive manner with respect for all other participants and the trainer. However, in case of misbehaving, IncompanyLanguages can legally stop its educational services without refund of the invoice amount payed for the course.

Article 6 - Garantee

By our guarantee to move up a language level within thirty hours of language training and thirty hours of self-study, IncompanyLanguages expects the course participant(s) to be in good mental health. By help we offer to people with dyslexia we cannot give this guarantee, training and practice will however always lead to noticeable improvement.

Article 7 - Copyright

IncompanyLanguages makes use of various materials in her language courses. Language books used in the courses are subject to the author’s rights. The content of these books is for your personal development only and may not be reproduced or made public. IncompanyLanguages owns the copyright of all materials created by herself; recognizable by its name and the IncompanyLanguages logo. No (parts of) this material may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means. In case your own documents are used during your language sessions on your request, our trainers sign for non-disclosure for your full protection and the protection of your ownership rights.

Article 8 - Confidentiality

The information provided by you to IncompanyLanguages, will be treated with confidentiality at all times. IncompanyLanguages complies with the applicable privacy legislation. In addition, our trainers sign for non-disclosure, in case we work with your material that contains confidential information. For these events we have our NDA’s, or we sign your contract on your request.

Your Trust is Our Priority