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Unlock The World - Multilingualism The Key To Success

In an increasingly connected world, effective communication is the key to success. At IncompanyLanguages we understand that language is the bridge that connects cultures and opens business opportunities. Whether you run a business that operates internationally or are a professional looking to broaden your horizons, our language training is the investment you need to thrive in today’s globalized marketplace.

Why IncompanyLanguages? Because we offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your company or career. Our experienced language coaches are native speakers and experts in their field, so they convey not only the language, but also the culture and subtleties that are essential for effective communication.

Choose flexibility and convenience. Our training courses can be tailored to your schedule and location, saving you valuable time without compromising on quality.

Whether you want to strengthen your business relationships, expand your professional network or promote your personal growth, at IncompanyLanguages we help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and discover how our language training can change your world.

Team of Language Trainers in Europe

IncompanyLanguages is an educational institution that offers a wide range of language courses at favourable rates in the Netherlands and abroad.

The institute works with a team of well-trained and experienced language trainers that assists language learners of many different nationalities on their path towards mastery of the chosen target language, through tailor-made learning programs.

The institution is registered with Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs and complies with the quality code for educational institutions for short vocational education.

Bookings come with the lowest price guarantee for professional language training in the Netherlands.

Wide Range of Language Courses for Companies and Individuals

IncompanyLanguages offers an extensive range of language courses

Is your target language nog listed? Please contact us and we are happy to send you information about the possibilities.

IncompanyLanguages – Open the Doors to a Connected World

Contributing to a Safe, Healthy World for Everyone

In addition to providing language courses, IncompanyLanguages supports organizations that contribute to a safe, healthy world for everyone, like KIT.

Humanitarian Organisations

Would you like to be involved in combating against poverty? Would you like to be involved in improving children’s rights or in finding a solution for health issues or international conflicts? Here you find an overview of organizations that contribute to solutions for various social issues.

Please find here an overview of charities in the Netherlands.

Please find here an overview of international relieve organisations.

The Power of Language lies in its Ability to build Bridges where once were walls

World's Language Families: A Journey into Linguistic Diversity

Language serves as the binding force that unites human civilization. The languages of the world are incredibly diverse, yet they share common roots that can be traced back to various language families. Understanding these families not only reveals the interconnectedness of human societies but also emphasizes the richness of our linguistic heritage.

One of the largest and most studied families is Indo-European family, spanning Europe, South Asia, and parts of the Middle East, encompassing languages such as Hindi, Russian, Spanish, English, and Dutch. Originating around 6,000 years ago in the steppes north of the Black Sea, its spread reflects historical migrations and the Roman expansion across Europe.

Another influential family is the Sino-Tibetan family, including languages such as Tibetan, Burmese, and Mandarin Chinese, highlighting the deep historical and cultural roots of East Asia.

The Afro-Asiatic family, represented by languages like Arabic and Hebrew, stretches across North Africa and the Middle East, underscoring the linguistic diversity of Africa and the historical significance of Middle Eastern civilizations.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the Niger-Congo family prevails, with languages such as Zulu and Swahili. Swahili, a Bantu language of the Niger-Congo family, serves as a lingua franca in East Africa, facilitating communication among diverse ethnic groups.

The Dravidian family, spoken mainly in South India and parts of Sri Lanka, includes languages such as Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil. These languages have ancient literary traditions that have profoundly influenced the cultural landscape of South Asia.

In South America, the  Quechuan family, represented by Quechua, the language of the Inca Empire, remains widespread in the Andes regions. The rich linguistic diversity of the Americas also includes the Uto-Aztecan family in the Northern Hemisphere and the Algonqian family.

The Austronesian family extends across Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with languages such as Malay, Javanese, and Hawaiian, reflecting maritime exploration.

We also highlight the Caucasian languages with families such as Kartvelian (Georgian) and Northwest Caucasian (Abkhaz), known for their complex consonant clusters and rich phonetics.

Studying the world’s language families provides us with a window into the history and movements of human populations. Each family contributes, with its unique characteristics and historical significance, to the vibrant palette of global linguistic diversity. By exploring these connections, we gain a deeper understanding of how language shapes our perception of the world and our place within it.

Anyone interested in learning more about the world’s language families may enjoy reading Languages of the World.

Language Connects – Always and Everywhere

Professional trainers

The network of language trainers in the Netherlands and abroad do their work with great passion. The training is provided with expertise and the trainers are result-oriented. The target language in the course is the mother tongue of the trainers or the trainer masters the language at this level. IncompanyLanguages language courses guarantee quality and language advancement.

Tailor-made language training

We do everything we can to tailor our language courses to you as best as possible. You have a variety of different learning paths to choose from. All learning paths can be booked individually or in a group. In addition you can choose to attend to the classes online or to have them take place at your location. At IncompanyLanguages we strive to adapt the training schedule to your wishes and needs at all times.

Contact us

Do you have questions about our language courses? Would you like to know which training suits you best or how much time you’ll need to achieve your language goals? Please contact us using any of the options listed below. We look forward to assisting you and providing personal advice. Together, we’ll ensure you choose the most beneficial training that perfectly meets your learning needs and your company’s interests and requirements.