Your language Courses, On-site Or Online

The courses you book through IncompanyLanguages are deliverd by one of our enthousiastic representatives on-site at your office, or you can choose to attend your language course online. This way you don't have to travel and you save a lot of time.

Language courses for companies

Are you looking for a professional company to book language training for your employees? Then you have come to the right place at IncompanyLanguages.
Our business language courses can be taken online or at your own location. Various learning paths are available. This way you help to raise the language skills of your employees to a higher level.

Language training at IncompanyLanguages

IncompanyLanguages provides business language training in the Netherlands and abroad. These training courses can be taken online or at a location of your choice. As a result, you only pay for the educational service and there are no hidden costs for office rent, marketing or administrative staff.
We always offer the lowest price guarantee.

Taalcursussen Den Haag

Learning paths

In every language we offer the following learning paths:

• Language course A1 – 30 training hours & 30 hours of self-study
• Language course A2 – 30 training hours & 30 hours of self-study
• Language course B1 – 40 training hours & 40 hours of self-study
• Language course B2 – 40 training hours & 40 hours of self-study
• Language course C1 – 40 training hours & 40 hours of self-study
• Course business communication – 30 training hours & 30 hours of self-study

Training schemes

Together with your trainer you plan your language sessions in a way that fits well in your agenda. Often chosen training schemes are:

  • Online learning path 20 x 1,5 hours in 20 weeks (once a week training)
  • Online learning path 20 x 1,5 hours in 10 weeks (twice a week training)
  • Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 12 weeks (once a week training)
  • Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 6 weeks (twice a week training)
  • Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 10 weeks (once a week training)
  • Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 5 weeks (twice a week training)

You are free to plan your language sessions more frequently with your trainer to make your course more intensive.

We always do what we can to make our agenda’s match yours.

Individually or in group

All learning paths can be booked both individually as in a group. A group course can be beneficial when your colleague(s), friend(s) and/or aquaintance(s) have the same language objectives as you. When you book a group course, it is important that all participants are on the same language level.

In a course for two participants, each participant receives a discount on the course price. With each extra participant taking part in the course, the discount per person rises.

Per course we strive to keep a maximum of eight participants in the group.
This way the teacher can maintain a high level of attention for everyone in the language class.


Up until language level A2 we guarantee you will reach the next language level in 30 hours of language training, provided that you invest the same amount of time between your language sessions in learning the offered curriculum and practicing with the offered exercises.

From language level A2 onwards, the importance of sufficient exposure to the target language outside of the language training increases significantly. If you don’t have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers, you will need more hours with your trainer to progress.

In addition we would like to add that some languages are more difficult to learn than others. You will need for instance more time to learn a language that uses a different alphabet than the one you are used to.

Also the fact whether you follow a course individually or in a group can affect the speed in which you progress.

Would you like to know what kind of training is best for you in your specific situation? Would you like to know how many hours you need to achieve your language goals? We welcome you to contact us! We look forward to giving you tailored advice that matches your situation and language goals. We feel responsible to help you make the choice for the type of course that suits you best.

We believe in hard work and dedication.

Private language coach

Do you wish to have your own private language coach, that assists you in optimizing your texts, keeps you linguistically sharp and helps you finding all the right words and phrases for the right situations?

We have a large network of trainers and we will get to work for you to link you to the coach that fits your wishes and language goals best.

IncompanyLanguages trainers

All IncompanyLanguages trainers are native speakers in the language they teach or they master the language as their mother tongue. In addition many of our trainers speak several languages from which they can explain and teach their language.

Please contact us for more information and to learn about the various training options that suit you and your employees best.

Free quotation

We kindly ask you to feel free to request a quotation for the language and training of your choice any time.

Please send us your wishes as detailed as possible, so we can send you a personalised quotation in which you can see the exact price for the training of your choice.