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Besides the fact that English is spoken by 335 million native speakers in the United Kingdom, in America and in a number of other countries such as India, Pakistan, Nigeria etc., everyone knows English as an international language that is mastered by many people worldwide. A good command of this language is of great importance for the successful maintenance of international contacts.

Book your private English training here to optimize and perfectionize your English together with a native speaker.

Our courses

Together with your trainer you plan your language sessions in a way that fits well in your agenda.

Often chosen training schemes are:

-Online learning path 20 x 1,5 hours in 10 weeks (twice a week training)
-Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 10 weeks (once a week training)
-Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 12 weeks (once a week training)
-Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 5 weeks (twice a week training)
-Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 6 weeks (twice a week training)

You are free to plan your language sessions more frequently with your trainer to make your course more intensive.

We always do what we can to make our agenda’s match yours.

Be successful. Enroll today!

On-site or online

At IncompanyLanguages you can choose to receive a trainer at your location or you can attend the language training online. As a result, your employees do not have to travel and they save a lot of time. All our trainers speak the language they teach as their mother tongue or master this level. At IncompanyLanguages quality language lessons are guaranteed.

Individually or in a group

Language courses can be booked individually or in groups. Group lessons are beneficial when employees have the same language goal and level and want to improve this together. We keep a maximum of eight people in the language classes. This way we guarantee individual attention and sufficient time for questions from all participants.


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